botanical adventures book series 2 dual language English spanish
"Los Estridentes Fuegos Artificiales" (Dog Gone Fireworks)
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NEW dual-language
English to Spanish versions
botanical adventures book 3 series dual language English spanish
"El Desfile de Cubrebocas para Lily" (Lily's Mask Parade)

*The Botanical Adventures book series*



Book specifications
and other useful information

Printed Book Specifications:


Dimensions:  US Letter (8.5″ x 11″)

Interior: Color standard ink on 80# white paper

Binding and Cover: Hardcover with glossy finish 



Dimensions: Trade (6″ x 9″)

Interior: Color standard ink on 80# white paper

Binding and Cover: Perfect bound with glossy finish 


Other Details:

Reading level: Early reader  

Ages: 3+ 

Category: Early childhood development and character building concepts

Copyright: All Rights Reserved – Standard Copyright License


Co-Creators: Elora Morrison, Rafael Garcia

Editor: Danielle D’Ascenzo

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